October 2022 Athlete of the Month

The Core Values of Conqueror Weightlifting are Effort, Attitude, Trust and Respect.

Effort: Daily effort is the primary determinant of success for our team. It is the one thing we all have complete control over and everyone, regardless of ability level, can devote their very best effort towards mastering any task or challenge set before them.
Attitude: Your daily attitude is another area completely under your control and is a vital part of successful development. We expect our team members to be positive, coachable, and personally accountable for their success.
Trust: Honesty and integrity are critical in developing a strong coach-athlete relationship. We expect all members of this team to be individuals who can be counted on to honor their word, be trustworthy and make wise choices both inside and outside the gym.
Respect: We are unique individuals who bring different backgrounds and interests to the team. Regardless of personal differences, we will be a team who always treats each other with honor and respect.

Each month, we will recognize one of our athletes who excels in consistently demonstrating these Core Values. Our October 2022 Athlete of Month is 11-year-old Grant.

Grant is our very first member at the new Nebraska facility and has improved by leaps and bounds since starting his training with us. At just 11-years old, Grant approaches training with a level of maturity well beyond his young age. He can be counted on to do his very best each time he sets foot in the gym and he is the type of individual that helps build a strong team culture. Grant is currently working towards competing in his first weightlifting meet and we look forward to him being a part of our program for many years to come. Congratulations Grant and keep up the great work!

CJ Del Balso, MS, CSCS, RSCC
USAW International Coach

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